VHS Mission Statement


The mission of Virtual High School is to develop and deliver standards-based, student-centered online courses to expand students' educational opportunities and 21st century skills and to offer professional development to teachers to expand the scope and depth of their instructional skills.


Our Beliefs:


VHS believes that student-centered online course can be designed and delivered to students to promote a high quality collaborative learning environment in which student exchange and interaction is a valued component of the instructional process.


VHS believes that educational opportunity need not be limited by barriers of time and place or availability of qualified faculty.  Rather, we believe that high-quality education is possible today for all students in all locations.  Online education offers any school with Internet connectivity a wealth of trained, experienced faculty members qualified in numerous disciplines to teach a wide array of courses designed to meet the needs of all students.  An innovative, standards-based curriculum delivered online offers diverse, exciting learning choices for students and the opportunity and skills to participate in a national an global community.


VHS believes that online teaching should augment, rather than replace, traditional classroom teaching.  The Virtual High School's online courses are a proven, flexible solution for schools needing an expanded curriculum, teachers seeking new horizons, parents wanting more involvement with their children's education, and a society grappling with ways to offer opportunity to all its citizens.


VHS believes that the goals of education are advanced best by putting value and service first.  When schools work together in a collaborative network, such as VHS, they become part of an abundanta and generous educational community that promotes the affordable sharing of professional resources.




The Virtual High School vision is to be the global leader in online education by working collaboratively with high schools to offer the highest quality courses for students and teachers.


Created on 12/13/2013 - Last updated on 12/13/2013